Monday, March 8, 2010

Chased a running man, but he is finished running because he is exhausted and he’s run as far as he’s going to, and yet the thing that is chasing him has not been lost or fooled into missing him, it still comes after him, merciless, and the moment comes where it is closing in, he can feel it and his senses are all telling him that he needs to get out of there, but he can’t because he has no energy left for flight and he’s backed into a corner with no way out as the thing closes in on him, but he looks around him for an out anyway, there must be an out, it has to be there but it’s not, and without the hope of escape he does the only thing that comes to mind, he screams and screams and screams, tearing his throat, as if trying to get something ugly out of himself, as tears pour down his face and the muscles of his arms and legs contract, pulling in toward the core of his body, to be smaller and safe, and his mind wonders what is happening to him, what is happening because he cannot see anything chasing him.

And now he is numb.

© LW Publishing 2010

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