Thursday, July 1, 2010


I was in da kitchen when a idea came ta me. I went acrossed da fambly room ta my computer ta rite aboud words dat people misponounce all da time. Ahm not sayin a don do it maseuf sometime, but id still bother me. Me and da kids were makin frengh toast wit egg yokes in da kitchen and I snuck away ta do dis. Hopefully dey won burn da house down. I wadn feelin mean aboud id. Id jus gah me thinkin aboud how some people say nuculer instead a nuclear and theens lite dat. Nuculer id my paticular pet peeb. Geord W. Bush, who I don hate, even doh um apparenly suppos to, accordin to popalar seniment, he use to say dis wrong all a time. It drobe me crazy. But dats jus me. I don take id for granite dat you feel da same way. Supposably everbody has dere own pet peebs aboud words. Pronounciation idn auways easy. I guess dis is jus my perscription fer findin peas aboud id. Ostensively anyway. Ostensibly? Laugh er cry.

Okay. I’ll stop writing now. This is making me tired. I don't want to start prespiring.

1 Corinthians 14:8-9
Peace to you.

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  1. haha! That's great. One of my word pet peeves is when people misuse "than" and "then". Like when someone posts a Facebook status and writes "I went to the mall and than went to the movies" ARGH. It irks me so bad.

    Long story short, I like this post.

  2. I'm expecially happy that you like dis post.

  3. "Supposably" drives me crazy - everyday I hear someone mispronounce it.

  4. Yes. People misponounce it all da time. It's annoyeen.

  5. I heard someone say 'pacific' for 'specific' the other day.

    One I am frequently guilty of is 'pry' or 'probly'. I assumed it was a Michigan thing, but who knows?

  6. I believe the new way of saying probably is now "prolly."


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