Wednesday, March 30, 2011


If you surf the internet or spend enough time in conversation with people, you will discover that, apparently, one of the greatest sins a person can commit in the world these days is to be shallow. Or, at least, to be thought of as shallow. To be shallow is to be an object of disdain. Heaven forbid.

And the second runner up is the sin of unoriginality. Followed closely by the sin of being boring. And then there’s the sin of not being “honest and transparent,” which is the arch sin of sins. You must be perceived as “honest and transparent,” if you want to be taken seriously in this world. You don’t necessarily have to actually be honest and transparent. I mean, how do you know that anyway?

“Oh, I just know.”

Oh, really? That’s some talent you have there.

The beauty of it is, if I call you “shallow,” that means, automatically, that I must be “deep.” And who would know better than me, right? Deep is good! Deep is special! Deep is holy! Well, at least it’s better than shallow. If I’m deep, then I’m what? Intelligent? Thoughtful? Serious? Passionate? Wow. I must be pretty amazing if I’m all of those things. And all I need in order to be all of those things is for you to be shallow.

How easy is that?

But what if it’s you? What if it’s me? What if I’m the shallow one? What if you are the unoriginal, boring fake? How would we know?

Don’t worry, I’m sure some deep, original, interesting, honest and transparent person will be sure to let us know.

Proverbs 20:5
Peace to you.

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  1. Yeah, I'll definitely let you know when you're being shallow and boring. In the mean time, I'll just be over here contemplating how I can make myself an even deeper, more awesome person than everyone else. (Though, it's going to be really difficult making myself even more amazing. I mean, come on, it's ME we're talking about.)

  2. I sense that you are with me on this.

  3. Well I want to comment on this subject but I am afraid that I may come across as too shallow or maybe too deep, perhaps unoriginal, or boring. And if I was to be honest and transparent would any one believe me in the end? God only knows....


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