Saturday, July 2, 2011

Freedom and the 4th

Almost everyone I talk to is going away for the weekend. I guess that’s what the 4th of July is kind of about these days. Getting away. Spending time with family. Maybe seeing some fireworks. It’s all good.

Hopefully we can remember that we have the freedom to do these things because we live in a country that embraces the God given right to freedom. Which is the third of the inalienable rights, you know, that our nation is founded on. First is right to life. After that is the right to liberty (freedom). Third is the right to pursue happiness. The second and third rights make no sense without the first. The third makes no sense without the first two.

I hope you really understand the implications of that.

I remember when I was a kid, they would set off fireworks for the 4th at the Jolly Roger Drive In, which was just a few blocks from our house. We’d sit in our front yard and watch them go off in the distance over our house. It reminded me of the Disney World commercials that you’d see on TV at the time, that always had fireworks going off as they told you about this wonderful place that you weren’t sure you’d ever get to see.

Just because you were free to see it didn’t mean you had the money to go there.

Freedom is complicated. When we over simplify it, or over complicate it, we do stupid things.

My family is not going away for the weekend. We’re staying right where we are. There’s a lot to do. And we have a vacation planned for end of summer that we’re saving for anyway. We’ve skipped every other thing this summer so we can go there. We’ve been doing garage sales to help raise money for it. Saving every penny we can.

It’s a place where they have fireworks.

Peace to you.

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