Saturday, November 26, 2011

LW Christmas Vol. 01

I know, I haven't been very vigilant with the blog. I haven't lost interest, I've just been otherwise occupied.

I've been doing my first full production job for a Christmas recording. Using my small studio set up, I and a group of intrepid ar teests have been producing a set of songs to help raise money for our church. And it's finally FINISHED!! It is a grass roots production, but not as grass roots as you might think. We've got CD's and there is a download option at our church website. It's a ten dollar donation thing.

In case you don't realize it yet, today's blog is the first of many shameless promotions that I'm going to be involved with over the next few weeks.

Hundreds of hours of time and labor and kindness have been poured into this thing at zero cost for our church (dollar wise) and every single penny we manage to gather is going to the church to help get a decent building fund up and running. An artist/art teacher at the church did the cover art for us. Some of our musicians helped me get the mastering done. A bunch of people put their voices and musical ability on it, and we even have the kids from church singing on it. If we do another one, we're going to get more people on it next time. We just ran out of time this year.

Like I said, it's to help raise much needed funds. If you want a copy on CD you'll have to contact me, or better yet, show up at church and get one there. The easiest thing would be to get the download, which you will find at the following link on our church website:


I thank you in advance for your support, and I hope you enjoy the songs. Peace to you.

© LW Publishing 2011


  1. I love the album. It turned out great!

  2. I heard about the Christmas CD from an old friend. I'll get one soon. I like music interested in listening to this.

  3. what good is a blog if you can't use it for shameless promotion?!
    im off to check out the church site.

  4. oh. and by the way, love the cover design. is that you too?

  5. Our cover art was done by a very talented local artist named Jim Pappas, who attends our church and teaches art in area schools. He did an amazing retro Christmas card look and I absolutely love it. Glad you enjoy it too.

  6. Thanks Z. Still trying to get caught up on lost sleep.


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