Thursday, January 19, 2012

By the Numbers

 If you point at something, a dog will have a hard time realizing you are pointing to something. Have you ever noticed that? The dog keeps looking at your hand. They have a hard time making the connection between your pointing hand and the thing you are pointing at. The thing you really want them to see. They have a hard time making the mental jump.

So, math, science, and even religion. Sometimes it makes me feel like a dog.

We have to remember that numbers are a  language, not a reality. And so is language.

Sometimes I think people forget this. As if numbers and words are the things they describe. It’s like saying the word “elephant” is an elephant.

But behind those equations and syllables are a reality that the equations and phrases can only point to. A reality that exists. And who really knows how much of the reality is not adequately described by the expressions? Just consider the weakness of the word “love.” Does it even come close?

Of course not.

Language, whether letters or numbers, is only a pointing hand. And we need to keep that in mind when it comes to math and science and faith. They are pointing to things. If you forget that you are only looking at the hand, if you start thinking that the hand is the thing, then you miss the point.

Peace to you.

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