Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time Toilets

I know, I know. I haven’t been posting all that often. I realize it and I’ve been thinking about it. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s not on purpose, these lapses in proclivity. It’s simply because I have been much involved in other things.

I’ve been taking the time to figure out how to be a good dad to three beautiful daughters who aren’t so little anymore. I’ve been teaching Bible teachers about teaching the Bible. I’ve been doing little things (sometimes very little) to try and be a better friend and brother. I’ve been exercising (go figure). I’ve been driving a campaign to raise funds to help my church get into a building. I’ve been helping out at my kid’s school. I’ve been doing some technical reading for work. All of this besides the normal, everyday doings.

I like to be productive. I have a kind of farmer mentality when it comes to that. So I’ve been shifting my priorities a bit to try and be more productive while, at the same time, trying to reduce the insanity in my life. This is very hard to do. You think?

It’s odd what becomes important to us so quickly. Things that didn’t even exist a few decades ago, and yet we think we can’t live without them. Time toilets.

The newest thing is “apps.” Everyone is talking about “apps.” To me, “apps” are this abstract thing that, in general, exist to steal your life away. Why do I think that? Because I see it happening to people all around me. Time is burned, very fast, very hot. Facebook has already done this. Computers have certainly done this for a long time now. All of these “time saving” devices are killing our time. And once it’s dead, it’s gone. Long gone. Shwoooosh.

Have you been pulled too far into the big empty of Angry Birds or Words with Friends or Youtube or Facebook? Not to mention video games and, of course, blogging? You've gotta watch out for that blogging.

The word “addicted” is being used more and more commonly to describe our use of this stuff. Do you remember when the idea of an addiction was always considered a negative thing? Now people say it and laugh. “I’m so addicted to World of Warcraft! Ha ha hardy har har. That’s, like, funny, right?” But the laugh has a nervous twitter in it that says: “Out of control here,” and the eyes suggest that there is doubt about something.

My kids doctor told me about how he’d just seen his first case of carpal tunnel syndrome in a pre teen. 11 years old, I think it was. All from texting and such. She will probably need surgery.


Peace to you.

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  1. "All of these 'time saving' devices are killing our time. And once it’s dead, it’s gone. Long gone. Shwoooosh".

    Fantastic and true. I deleted my facebook (deleted not disabled), I have no cell phone for apps, only thing left is blogging and emailing. And that too lands me in trouble.

    The best thing I've ever seen said about blogging is that "it is graffiti with puncuation". True.

    In terms of addiction, I just read a book on Sex Addiction by Christian writer Schaumburg. One thing I discovered in reading this book is that all addictions point towards a void in the human condition - a void that The Fall created. And addictions are used as a means to bridge the gap between what we have, and what we should have had (were it not for the Fall).
    This of course is a futile exercise, as we will not reach full satisfaction this side of Heaven.

    Addictions are also a form of self worship and self centeredness.

    I use these last two (blog and email) as an escape from a life less than satisfying. I am aware of it, and willing to admit it, now I guess I just have to do something about it.

    You don't have to apologize for not blogging. You have a life; and although your blogs are always appreciated, I would rather that you get on with the things in your life that are tangible and imminent ... which it sounds like you are. Good on you.

  2. it can totally become an addiction. i would find myself on the computer reading about someone elses life, while my kids played on their own. the sight made me sick. there is a rule in our home between my husband and i. if the kids are in the room, we will not be on the phone, ipad, or computer. too much distracting from what really matters.

    i dont want my kids to have these addictions either!

  3. One problem is simply how available it all is. And a lot of it is fun. Which is all the reason we seem to need to pour out our time. We need to be thinking about the value of things more than ever before.

  4. I get it...and you're totally right.
    But, some of the "apps" can be helpful and time saving, obviously excluding the games.

    Every time I see one of these apps just blow up and become super popular over night, I think of kids and that "I have to have it because they have it mentality" - its that same line of thinking except this isn't a tshirt or a CD or the latest expensive fad. It's a FREE item that can be simply downloaded. And if it's not free, its cheap, cheap enough for everyone to have it.

    In short, we aren't growing up anymore, everyone can have everything all the time. Kids are learning disappointment.


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