Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil

Sure, the man was crazy. But you would be too if you went through what he went through. I mean, if you had seen the things he had seen, you would be crazy too. How could anyone live through that and not end up a little, you know, whacked out or something? Off-kilter. Messed up.

I realize not everyone who goes through that kind of thing ends up doing the kinds of things he did. But they would sure understand why he did, wouldn’t they? They would get it.

Unlike you.

I’m not saying I get it either. I mean, I’ve had it pretty good compared to some. I’ve had my bad days. Everyone does, don’t you think? But what some people go through, it’s like Hell, man. Hell on earth. And that causes problems. It messes people up.

Then you get what you get.

What do you expect, anyway? This world is falling apart. And no one cares. It’s madness. I think it’s amazing we all don’t throw up our hands and start howling at the moon, doing things that don’t make sense. A violent world produces violent people.

People ask: Is he guilty? But what does that even mean? Guilty of what? Not being able to cope?

I’m not saying he was right. But who’s to say he was wrong? It was bad, yes, and I feel for the people he hurt. But if you saw things from his perspective, you wouldn’t hate him so much. One of the reasons this kind of thing happens is because we just don’t understand each other. People are disconnected. And whose fault is that?

Not mine.

I didn’t create this world. I just live in it. Same as you. I’m just trying to find my way. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t think anyone does. We’re all messed up. We all fall short, right? I think Jesus said that, didn’t he? Something like that. No one is any good. So why pretend? Why condemn? God said not to judge, right?

Who do you think you are anyway?

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  1. It's neat how the title is an integral part of the piece. Some people will just read the words of the title, and appreciate it at that. To those familiar with where the title comes from, the puzzle comes together quicker.

    But then - yikes! The horrifying feeling of recognizing our own sentiments...whole other subject.


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