Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wonder Drug


I was watching a show on Hulu, and a commercial came on for a drug. It’s a wonder drug. Prescription only. Brand new, at least for this purpose. And what does it do?

It makes your eyelashes grow fuller and longer. Oooooooooooh. Aaaaaahhhhhh.

I am not making this up. There is a prescription drug, being advertised, to make your eyelashes grow longer. They have computer models of growing eyelashes to demonstrate the power of the drug.

Tadaaaaah. Cha ching. Bling bling bling. To the tune of over a hundred bucks a month for any hapless soul who wanders into this establishment.


Side effects: Longer lashes are a side effect. It’s actually, according to newspaper reports and the website, a drug for reducing pressure in the eye balls. Apparently overly pressurized eyeballs is a problem that some people have with glaucoma. Not being a doctor, that’s the best I can make sense of it. But somewhere along the line, someone noticed that this drug made their eyelashes thicker. Oooooooh. Aaaaaaahhhh.

Please be aware: There’s a chance that this drug might turn your green eyes to a darker color. Green or hazel to brown. Maybe permanently. But who will notice? Everyone will be too busy staring at your gorrrrrgeous eye lashes to notice.

I don’t want to offend but, to me, this is moronic. And yet, I’m sure, they’ll see millions if not billions of dollars from this. It’s the way the world works now.

I just don’t know how I fit in a world that focuses so intently on such things.

Maybe I don’t.

Ecclesiastes 1:2
Peace to you.

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  1. I read about this. I have enough trouble seeing where I am going as it is. Next comes a special trimmer that costs zillions. And you could get a dimple for only $2000 to go with.


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