Saturday, January 22, 2011

Too Many Tyrants

There are days when I get up and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is no way to get everything finished that I need to that day.

This happens too often.

It wouldn’t matter if I was the greatest time management person in the world. Sometimes you just run out of time. So you find yourself trying to decide what to let go. You have to decide what matters the least. Or the most. And these are exceedingly hard decisions to make. It’s what an author named Charles Hummel dealt with years ago in a little book called “Tyranny of the Urgent.”

What a perfect description that is.

But sometimes “choosing” is almost impossible. Everything is important, right? At least it seems that way a lot of the time. So instead of picking one thing, getting it done and moving on to the next; I feel forced, by all these little tyrants of urgency, to jump from one thing to another. I basically try to chip away what I can as I run in circles, hoping to keep track of what I’m doing.

But I’m not very good at that keeping track thing. So you’ll have to excuse me. I’ve got something else I’ve got to do.

Peace to you.

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