Friday, February 12, 2010

The Pluto Platter

I thought you’d want to know.

The inventor of the Frisbee just died. His name was Fred Morrison. He was 90 years old. But he didn’t call it a “Frisbee.” That change took place when he licensed a toy company to sell his invention. Seems Fred wasn’t much of a salesman. But boy could he invent things.

Fred’s name for the toy was the “Pluto Platter.” I kind of prefer “Pluto Platter.”

“Frisbee” was a pie company. Kids liked to throw the pie tins, so the toy company renamed the Pluto Platter and gave it the name of the pie company. And for this they get millions – no, probably gazillions – of dollars? Frisbee sounds right because that’s what we’ve always called it. But it could have been otherwise. The discs original name would have likely become known by the simplified nickname “PP.”

“Hey man, you got your PP?” “The kids are on the beach throwing around their PP.” “I think I left my PP in the car.” “Man, did you see the dog catch that PP in his mouth?”

What a wonderful world it could have been.

Mr. Morrison never liked the new name. It just wasn’t as . . . sonorous.

Fred invented some other toys as well. None of them were as successful, but what is? Still. I bet that battery powered tomahawk he came up with was a wonder.

Good night, Fred. Rest in peace my good man.

Peace to you.

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  1. I bet PP would have never been synonymous with urine if it had stayed the same.


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