Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well. The outside Christmas decorations are finally up. Got the lights on the bushes and the blow up thingie blown up and the trim around the door and all that. Christmas kitsch is alive and well.

Wasn’t sure I’d get the outdoor stuff up this year. There have been a few years where things were so nutty that I just never got to it, which disappoints the wife and kids. But I took Nike’s advice. I just did it.

I really enjoy the decorations that people put out on their lawns at Christmas, even though, if we’re honest about it, we’d have to admit that 99.9% of all the decorations are pretty horrid. I’m with the horrid crowd myself: Slapped together hodgepodges of this that and the other thing. Even in the big fancy neighborhoods, where people have enough money to do a coordinated decorating extravaganza, most people just put up whatever they saw in the store that they thought was cool at the time.

One thing that makes it a challenge is that if the stores end up stocking some decoration that happens to be really nice, and not overly priced, then EVERYONE buys the same thing and you see it all over town.


I like the decorations. I like that people take the time to put them up. And some of the most horrible decorations are the most fun to look at. I love it when people go crazy and make their yard look like some kind of deranged Christmas circus. I wouldn’t want to live next door to them, but I like the drive by. Some streets absolutely glow as you turn onto them because they have so many decorations.

At our house, we take advantage of the spectacle: It makes for a good trip through the neighborhood every year with the family. A very cheap night out “on the town.” We pick a night, and we drive slowly from street to street for a few hours, listening to Christmas music, eating some unhealthy fast food drive through grub and talk about, you know, stuff.

It’s a family tradition. I highly recommend it. And you can’t beat the price.

Peace to you.

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  1. HEY! thats a good idea!! i'm totally gonna do that!! thanks friend!

  2. When we go out to see the lights, we usually go through our own neighborhood, every street, then grab some McD's and head over to a "ritzi" area with big rich houses to see their decorations. Interesting how few wealthy people bother to decorate. But those who do have some nice decorations, even though they are as kitschy as anyone. I suppose if your house is so big, it's too much work to decorate for some people.

  3. we went last night and had a BLAST...it was the start of a great new tradition!

  4. We went out the other night too. This time we did Dunkin Donuts holes and hot chocolate while we drove around. Kids loved it. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


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