Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Everything Stops



So, right around 10 pm, one of my kids is sick and everything stops. From 10pm to 5 am it’s all about the kid. Nothing exists but the kid. My wife and I are up all night with sounds of sickness. Some sounds just don’t have a musical ring to them. Now I have to deal with my don'twanttogetsickaphobia. I'll be washing my hands so much they'll bleed.

When stuff like this happens, it doesn’t matter that you’re tired, it doesn’t matter how you feel, the kid is sick so you do what you have to do. This morning, everything is all right, but we’re exhausted and the day still has to happen. Forge ahead.

There are things in life that cause everything to stop. A birth. A death. An illness. A good story. A flat tire. The routine is brushed away and the illusion of control is lost. What I’m finding is you never learn to like it, but you do get a little more used to it. Stopping becomes part of the routine.

Peace to you.

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  1. It is the things that make make everything stop that can define us to other people I think


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