Tuesday, January 12, 2010




Sooooooooooo. I’m starting here with my weBlog, web word. The dad in Big Fat Greek Wedding was right. Greek is everywhere.

My intention is to have some fun with this. I think I’ll mostly be talking to myself, and if anyone else wants to tune in, that’s copacetic. Hopefully it will be somewhat comprehensible.

Understand up front that I like words, a lot, but I’m wary of them. They can be very deceitful sometimes, even when they’re true. Not to mention hurtful and manipulative, even with the best of intentions. Like Suzanne Vega said in the song Language, how words so often fail to communicate what you're really trying to say. Even the right word spoken at the wrong time can make a big mess. Sometimes. But sometimes they’re all we’ve got. My intent here will always be kindness.

Peace to you.

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  1. Great words about...words. Amazingly powerful little buggers, aren't they? They tear down or build up, and part of it depends not only on if we pick the right ones with the right intent, but what the ears they go into choose to make of them.


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